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I hang around on the irc channel sometimes (nick there is emusan).

As for a bio, not sure if it's necessary, but I guess I'll pop one in anyway.

I'm currently an electrical engineering student at Syracuse University, going to start my senior year this fall. I'm doing some research with a professor over the summer involving the design of a new sensor, and likely going to be using a Digilent Atlys board to implement a neural network in order to handle the data and return something usable. I'm also working on an arbitrary waveform generator on my own time (currently using a Spartan 3E for this, as that's all I've got right now), right now I'm cleaning it up a bit before I release it on github. I can't wait to port this over to the novena!

I'm hoping to get into something related to FPGA or ASIC design after college.