Novena firmware changelog

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This kernel replaces linux-3.17-novena-rc5. It improves thermal performance and adds more drivers. It does not yet include 3D acceleration.

  • Removed galcore driver, preventing 2D and 3D acceleration from working. Previous releases had issues with memory corruption.
  • Fixed Hibernate support. To gain Hibernate support, you will need to increase the size of partition 2 (the swap partition).
  • Attempt to improve reliability of eDP board, making the screen more stable. Thanks to Job for a resume-from-hibernate patch.
  • Improve I2C reliability, making devices more likely to be detected on boot.
  • Set RTC to 12uF, which improves reliability of clock when board is powered off.
  • Enable many more modules, at the request of the community.


This bootloader replaces the previous -rc12 release. It does not update the SPL file at the start of the disk, as the SPL has not changed.

  • Add IT6251 LCD support.
  • Add "lidbootblock" flag to prevent board from booting when lid is shut.


  • Add "lidbootblock" flag to legal flag list


  • Reset the Mini PCIe USB port on suspend/resume, to improve Bluetooth reliability.
  • Install novena-usb-hub as setuid.


This is a new package that contains firmware for the Senoko power supply board. This package is recommended for all users.

  • Fix I2C lock bug. This improves I2C performance on Novena as well.
  • Increase thresholds for battery powerdown. This makes it less likely that the battery will be deeply discharged.
  • Enable WFI when Senoko is idle. This will reduce power consumption slightly.
  • Increase the charge thread from 2.5 seconds to 55 seconds.