Novena PVT Issue Log

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Hardware Bringup Notes

  • HPD on i.MX6 has a low input impedance (10k). This causes marginal stability on HPD on some boards. Swap R29L from 10k, 1% to 1k, 1% for more reliable performance.

Running changes - available in PVT1E, but doc check needed

These changes need to be verified in production as they were running changes during the previous run and were not propagated through all the docs.

  • U11D swapped from STMPE610 to STMPE811 due to EOL of STMPE610 part. Parts are pin-compatible.
  • U10S changed from 24LC32A-I/ST to FT24C512AUTR-T for kernel panic logging
  • U10A, U12A changed from NS4890 to NS4890B due to EOL of NS4890.