Novena GPBB DVT ECO List

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ECO list for the DVT to PVT revision of the GPBB.

ECO 1: Rewire LEDs

The LED array is currently connected to the input ports. It's not as useful as connecting it to some output ports so you can use the LEDs to quickly verify code is working. This is a wiring-only change, no BOM impact.

ECO 2: Halve monitor voltage to ADC

The on-board ADC can report the output voltage of VDD-IO. However, because the ADC has a LDO regulator that cleans up the AREF to 4.7V, we can't feed 5V into the ADC.

Add a resistor ladder to the VDD-IO line to the input of the ADC so we can sense the full range of the VDD-IO.

R6 0 ohm R6 10k, 1%
added R7 10k, 1%