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Wikipedia has a list of devices using Mediatek SoCs

Please fill in any data you might find into the following tables:

Different variants of the MTK 6260:

Chip Date-Subcontractor lot number
MT6260 1335-AMTH DTPSG754 CUK25079 16XPUA?8U75?
MT6260A 1331-AMTH DTPRR428 CUK22107 16XPUA37U801
MT6260A 1342-AJCTH BHAP01592 BHAP01615 16XPUA39U100
MT6260A 1501-AJCDH BHAP09831 BHAP09524 05XC64383T40001
MT6260CA 1308-AMTH DTP6M79502 BUJ4631714 16XPUA2ZU221 E3ASSPEFM
MD6260DA 1335-AMAH DTPSG764 CUK25092 16UA37U790 05XC63120N600
MT6260DA 1343-AMTH DTPSU211 CUK35066 16XPUA399U049 05XC632318300 8MB RAM 4MB Flash (W25Q32V) Fernvale
MT6260DA 1317-AMAH OTPPS555 CUK10020 16UA32U342A 03XBSA360706 ? ? SIM800H
MT6260DA 1432-AJCDH BAPO5124 BAPO5895 16XPUA45 05XC641682700
MT6260MA 1328-AMAH DTPRC818 BHAP00919 16UA37U706 03XB8A493000A1
MT6260SA 1313-AMAH DTPPH533 CUK03123 16UA31U291 05XC62480R80002
MT6260SA 1323-AMAH DTPPY358 CUK13061 16UA36U571 05XC62480R800
MT6260SA 1334-AMAH DTPSG755 CUK25061 16UA37U762 03XB8402910PA2 SIM800L
MT6261DA 1536-BJCTH BAP0C736 16AAXPNA58N617 03BAXB8B752000 U8Plus Smartwatch
MT6577A 1219-CMAH BTPHB630
MT6577A 1219-CMAH
MT2502A TFBGA non security version
MT2502DV 1523-BMTH ATP3HM3B 15AA54N576 22AAE60806

About the difference of -A and -D :

  • The MT2502A offers the full MT2502 feature set supported by built-in 32Mb RAM and external Flash for ROM memory.
  • The MT2502D excludes support for GSM/GPRS (doesn’t contain a 2G Modem) supported by built-in 32Mb RAM and 32Mb ROM.
  • The MT6260D does not support external serial flash
  • The MT6260A does support external serial flash

Various cores/dies that might be in a MTK6260:

Chip Capability Relevance for 6260 Notes
MT1308 CD/DVD-ROM platform
MT1309 CD/DVD-ROM platform
MT1805 Internal slimline DVD-RW platform
MT1807 External DVD-RW platform
MT1879 SATA DVD-RW platform
MT1939 Rewritable Blu-ray drive platform
MT2501 SoC used for smartwatches, 108Mhz
MT2502 ARM7EJ SOC, GSM/GPRS (2G), BT4.0, FM-Radio, Camera, USB1.1, SD this chip is labled MT2502, but it reports itself as being a MT6261, so either they are very similar or identical, core of LinkIt
MT2503 ? , GPS It is using MT6261, but it also has GPS
MT2601 SoC for wearable, compatible with 6630
MT3318 GPS
MT3326 GPS
MT3328 GPS
MT3329 GPS
MT3332 GPS+GLONASS+Beidou part of LinkIt
MT3333 GPS+Beidou
MT3337 GPS
MT5112 Digital terrestrial and cable TV demodulator
MT5135 Digital terrestrial and cable TV demodulator for Europe
MT5175 Digital terrestrial and cable TV demodulator for China
MT5131 OFDM-Demod IC
MT5301 Low cost China ATV
MT5366 60Hz cost efficiency TV
MT5389 60Hz Basic 3D/connected DTV
MT5395 120Hz iPTV & 3D TV
MT5396 120Hz Smart & Advanced 3D TV
MT5398 Smart 3D TV platform
MT5505 Smart 3D TV platform
MT5580 Connected 3D TV platform
MT5901 WLAN, based on Inprocomm
MT5911 WLAN, based on Inprocomm
MT5912 WLAN, based on Inprocomm
MT5921 WLAN chip unfortunately not part of 6260
MT5931 802.11n platform (2.4GHz) part of LinkIt
MT6100 Analog die which is part of MT6260 and MT6250
MT6129 RF Transceiver
MT6139 RF Transceiver for GSM/DCS/PCS
MT6140 RF chip that is used in phones together with the MT6235 possibly merged into 6260
MT6162 RF Transceiver (Othello)
MT6163 RF Transceiver (Othello)
MT6169 RF Transceiver LWG+LTG
MT6188C FM Radio chip that is used in phones together with MT6235 possibly merged into 6260
MT6205 GSM Baseband Processor
MT6217 GSM/GPRS Baseband Processor
MT6218 GSM/GPRS Baseband Processor
MT6219 GSM/GPRS Baseband Processor seems to be a predecessor of 6260 read the datasheet!
MT6223 GSM/GPRS Baseband Processor seems to be a predecessor of 6260 read the datasheet!
MT6225 GSM/GPRS Baseband Processor
MT6226 GSM/GPRS Baseband Processor
MT6227 GSM/GPRS Baseband Processor
MT6228 GSM/GPRS Baseband Processor seems to be a predecessor of 6260 read the datasheet!
MT6235 GSM/GPRS/EDGE SoC for FeaturePhones, ARM9 Up to 208 MHz
MT6236 GSM/GPRS/EDGE platform for FeaturePhones
MT6238 GSM/GPRS/EDGE platform for FeaturePhones
MT6239 GSM/GPRS/EDGE platform for FeaturePhones
MT6250 GSM/GPRS/EDGE-RX for FeaturePhones requires 6139(RF) and 6138(Power), which are possibly included in 6260
MT6251 SoC with FM-Radio
MT6252 Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE platform for FeaturePhones
MT6253 GSM/GPRS platform
MT6255 Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE platform
MT6256 SoC for FeaturePhone
MT6260 SoC with an ARM core, Bluetooth, LCD, GSM+GPRS, Camera, FM-Radio, ... definitely used
MT6261 SoC with an ARM core, Bluetooth, LCD, GSM+GPRS, Camera, FM-Radio, ... possible upgrade for fernvale?
MT6268 GSM/GPRS/EDGE/W-CDMA platform
MT6275 ARMv7 SoC, GPS, BT4.0
MT6276 SoC BT+FM-Radio
MT6276M HSPA modem
MT6280 3G/HSPA+ thin modem
MT6290 Modem processor LTE R9 (4G), DC-HSPA+, W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, EDGE and GSM/GPRS
MT6301 Touchscreen controller
MT6305B GSM Power Management System
MT6306 SIM-Card multiplexer, allows to switch between 4 simcards
MT6318 PMIC - Power management IC
MT6320 PMIC - Power management IC
MT6322 PMIC - Power management IC
MT6323 PMIC - Power management for phones possibly merged into 6260, was also reused in MT6572
MT6329 PMIC - Power management possibly merged into 6260 might explain the POWERKEY handling
MT6331 PMIC - Power management
MT6332 PMIC - Power management
MT6333 PMIC - Power management
MT6513 SoC - Android
MT6515 SoC - Android
MT6516 SoC - GSM/GPRS/EDGE platform
MT6517 SoC - 1GHz, Single core, GPS
MT6571 SoC - Entrylevel
MT6572 SoC - Dual-core platform with HSPA+
MT6573 SoC - used in Alcatel 918D
MT6575 SoC for Android, similar to MT6573, compatible to MT6162
MT6577 SoC - 1GHz for Android
MT6582 SoC - ARM-A7 Quadcore, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, HSPA+
MT6588 SoC - Quadcore, pin-compatible to 6582+6591+6592
MT6589 SoC - ARM-A7 Quadcore, WLAN, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, UMTS8
MT6591 SoC - ARM Hexacore, 1.5 GHz
MT6592 SoC - Octacore, HSPA+
MT6595 SoC - Octacore, LTE
MT6601 Bluetooth, was used together with MT6235 possibly merged into 6260
MT6605 NFC
MT6612 Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
MT6620 Bluetooth, GPS, 802.11n (2.4/5GHz), GNSS, Bluetooth and FM platform
MT6622 Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
MT6626 Bluetooth 2.1+EDR with FM
MT6627 GPS, compatible with MAX2659
MT6628 GPS
MT6628Q 802.11n (2.4/5GHz), GNSS, Bluetooth and FM platform
MT6628T 802.11n (2.4/5GHz), Bluetooth and FM platform
MT6630 GPS 2014
MT6921 Variant of MT6236
MT6922 Variant of MT6255
MT6732 64-bit quad-core LTE platform
MT6735 64-bit quad-core World Mode LTE platform
MT6752 64-bit octa-core LTE platform
MT6753 64-bit octa-core LTE platform
MT6755 64-bit octa-core LTE platform Smartphone Oppo F1 Plus
MT6795 64bit LTE Octa-core platform
MT6797W 64bit LTE Octa-core platform (Helio X10 ?)
MT6856 802.11ac/802.11n network processor for access points and routers
MT6921 SoC
MT7502 ADSL AFE+Modem+Ethernet
MT7505 MIPS SoC ADSL AFE+Modem+Ethernet
MT7530 Gigabit Ethernet Switch
MT7550 xDSL analog front end (AFE)
MT7555 Line Driver (LD) for VDSL2/ADSL2+
MT7592 Wifi
MT7600 Wifi
MT7601 Wifi chip, based on Realtek
MT7602 Wifi chip
MT7603 Wifi
MT7606 Wifi
MT7610 Wifi chip, based on Realtek
MT7612 Wifi chip, based on Realtek
MT7615 ARM SoC with Wifi
MT7620 MIPS SoC, Wifi bgn, PCIe, SDHC, USB
MT7623 ARM Quadcore SoC
MT7630 Bluetooth based on RT3290
MT7632 Wifi+Bluetooth
MT7636 Wifi+Bluetooth
MT7650 802.11a/ac 1T1R platform (2.4/5GHz) with Bluetooth 4.0
MT7662 Wifi abgn+ac + Bluetooth4
MT7681 WiFi b/g/n SoC with GPIO, PWM, UART
MT7688 MIPS SoC with WiFi
MT8123 Tablet dual-core platform
MT8125 Tablet Quad-core platform with HSPA+
MT8127 Quad-core platform with HEVC video playback
MT8135 Quad-core platform with ARM big.LITTLE architecture
MT8303 DVB related chip, comes in TQFP 256
MT8307 Cost-effective soundbar platform
MT8317 ARM SoC
MT8377 Dual-core platform with HSPA
MT8382 Quad-core dual-SIM HSPA platform
MT8389 Tablet Quad-core platform with HSPA+
MT8392 Octa-core HSPA+ tablet platform
MT8502 Soundbar platform this could be included in 6260
MT8506 Premium Connected Audio platform
MT8507 Connected audio platform
MT8732 64-bit octa-core LTE tablet platform
MT8752 64-bit octa-core LTE tablet platform
RT3883 802.11n WLAN from Realtek
RT6856 802.11ac WLAN from Realtek
RT9362 LCM backlight driver, was used in phones together with the MT6235 was possibly merged into 6260
W25Q32 Winbond Flash, 4MB part of MT6260DA

RF Chips likely compatible with Fernvale:

Skyworks SKY77569 WS569
Airoha AP5200

Display drivers likely compatible with Fernvale:

GalaxyCore GC9303
Himax HX8347
Ilitek ILI9340M
Sitronix ST7789S

Camera drivers likely compatible with Fernvale:

GalaxyCore GC6123
GalaxyCore GC0310
Himax HM0155

Accelerometers likely compatible with Fernvale:

Freescale MMA7660
Bosch BMA220
mCube MC3230
mCube MC3210