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Phage Band

The phage band is a small flexible circuit board that's designed to be soldered in a loop of WS2812 RGB LEDs. It is about the size of your thumb.

The board has the following features:

  • Powered off of +5V via microUSB header (for use with battery packs commonly used to charge cell phones)
  • ATTiny85 for pre-programmed light patterns
  • A single pushbutton to control operation mode
  • If both ends of the WS2812 ribbon is soldered to the board, the ATTiny85 can automatically detect the length of the LED string
  • Microphone and pre-amp with gain control selection (aka "robot heart mode")
  • Flex circuit construction
    • programming header and microphone section can be sheared off with scissors if they are not needed for a more compact driver circuit
    • Steel stiffener plate under ribbon solder point and microUSB header for mechanical robustness

Below are renderings of how the board will look:

phageband3.png phageband2.png phageband1.png

Below is what the board looks like after you've sheared off the microphone and programming headers:


Below is a concept of how the board might look mounted into a ribbon of WS2812 LEDs: