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=User Guides=
=User Guides=
* [[Orchard Firmware Developer's Guide]]
* [[Orchard Firmware Developer's Guide]]
* [[Orchard Electronics Developer's Guide]] (to be written)
* [[Orchard Electronics Developer's Guide]]
* [[Orchard Mechanical Developer's Guide]] (to be written)
* [[Orchard Mechanical Developer's Guide]] (to be written)

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Orchard is a low-power, multi-band radio-connected embedded computing solution. In other words, it's an IoT platform.

Orchard is open source hardware and software.

Orchard is also a supply chain solution. Derivatives of Orchard are meant to be prototyped easily and brought to volume manufacturing with less effort than typical. A quick-turn supply chain has been set up in China and it is the foundation of the MIT Media Lab Manufacturing Bootcamp curriculum. No, our supply chain is not for sale -- we use it for Kosagi internal projects.

Basic feature set:

  • Kinetis-W CPU
    • 48 MHz Cortex-M0+
    • 128k flash, 16k RAM
  • 900 MHz radio with +13dBm transmit power (for long-range applications)
  • BLE radio (for short-range, low power connection to IP gateways)
  • 128x64 OLED
  • 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Microphone sensor
  • Captouch button controller
  • Lithium ion battery solution
    • Gas gauge for accurate battery life determination
    • Charging solution that can support high-capacity batteries
    • Integral 5V boost


The firmware is ChibiOS 3.0, a lightweight, real-time operating system. We also use the ugfx libraries and libfixmath to implement a graphical UI and more advanced math capabilities.

User Guides


Development Notes

orchard validation matrix

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