Orchard DVT1 to PVT1 BM

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ECO1: Save cracked out hippies from accidentally darkwadding themselves

There is a software feature called "ship mode" which is a one-way door on the production doors: once you hit it, the system will power off, and will not power on again until you plug it into a USB port.

I could see this being a problem for some people in the deep playa.

Add a bypass switch + diode to jump-start the board into life again if the battery has a high enough voltage (needs to be about 50% capacity or above to jump-start itself).

This feature is a bad idea in Default because it represents a small, but real, safety risk. You're supposed to isolate the battery entirely from the system during "ship mode" to prevent any accidents. The bypass switch gives the remote possibility that a system can power itself on while shipping, leading to a deep discharge of the battery which is a potentially hazardous condition.

But, safety third!

added D14B BAT54 any SOD-123 BAT54 variant will do
added SW10B 5x5mm 1.6mm tall PB

UPDATE: decided to cancel this ECO. UI changes should make it hard to darkwad yourself.

ECO2: Adjust gain on sound

R11S is adjusted to 47k to make the microphone a little more sensitive.

R11S 22k, 1% R11S 47k, 1%

ECO3: Delete BLE

All BLE components removed.