Novena DVT to PVT ECO List

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Novena DVT to PVT changes

This is a list of all the changes applied to the board from DVT1 to PVT1 release. If it's not on this list, it didn't happen.

Each change has the format of issue summary/resolution, and specific change

ECO1: Fix Gig-E termination

KSZ9021RN refclk output pull-up drive is weak. Terminate with a 300-ohm pull-up, instead of the proposed AC termination network.

R20S 49.9, 1% / REC1005N DNP Gigabit ethernet
C16S 2200pF, X7R, 50V, 10% / CAPC1005N DNP Gigabit ethernet
added 300, 1% / RES1005N Gigabit ethernet

ECO2: Remove FPGA clock termination

Use internal FPGA differential termination for clock. Electrically superior to discrete solution.

R57B 100, 1% / REC1005N DNP FPGA

ECO3: Clarify D14D orientation

Added fab note on bottom silkscreen layer (outside PCB but inside assy dwg) to indicate that D14D is a side-firing LED. Fab was orienting LED accidentally as vertically firing LED.

ECO4: Add clock margin to Gbit ethernet