Novena DVT Issue Log

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Hardware Bringup Notes

  • The DDR3 timing has shifted with the new PCB vendor. The hard-coded timings for Micron memories probably needs to be recalibrated.
  • R20S/C16S needs tuning, for sure. The default values break Gbit ethernet. Simply removing R20S does restore bandwidth, but the matter warrants further investigation.
  • The heartbeat LED D14D is installed 90 degrees rotated. It still lights, it just fires downwards instead of to the side.
  • Y10U/Y11U are missing per factory notes. They must be hand-installed for USB to work.
  • C11M, C30M, C18M, C52C C45M capacitor is 1210 instead of 1206. Factory has been notified of the mis-ordering of the part.
  • R57B 100 ohm -> move to DNP because there is on-chip termination for the FPGA

Standard Tests