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Fernvale was designed for the following components:

LCD Display

Vendor: Multi-Inno
Product: MI0283QT-11, a 2.83" TFT
Datasheet: http://www.multi-inno.com/admin/images/product/20141081959933988.pdf
Resolution: 240x320 dots
Power: 2.8V
LCD Driver: ILI9341
Connector: FPC
Reseller in Europe: semafelectronics
Reseller in Europe: Watterott
Reseller in USA: Adafruit


Product: HDF70-TT
Vendor: Shenzhen V-Vision Technology Co., Ltd.
Sensor: OV7670 CMOS sensor from Omnivision
Pixels: HD  (UXGA) 
Top resolution: 640*480 dpi 
Lens type: 1/6 inch
FOV: 65 degree 
Focal length: 4.6mm
F number: 3.0
Distortion: less than 1.0%
Interface: 24pin golden finger
Size: 19.7mmX12.5mmX6.4mm(customize available) 

Serial Port (UART)

The UART connector is similar to the FTDI pinout, but it is only a 5-Pin connector, without RTS(Pin6). 
The CTS(Pin2) is unconnected, so RTS/CTS is not available.
Pin3(VUSB) delivers 5V.
It was successfully connected to "uart4" which is /dev/ttymxc3 on Novena by crossing RX(Pin4)/TX(Pin5) and connecting GND (Pin1)


A 3.7V battery with 3 pins should work which can be found in other mobile phones


Fernvale can use a Bluetooth antenna and a GSM antenna. Both are using a u.FL (which is also called IPEX) connector.

SIM Card

 Fernvale has a normal Mini-SIM Card holder, for Micro or Nano SIM-Cards you need an adapter.


For using Fernvale as an Arduino you might want to use normal Pin-Headers: You need 2 4x1 Headers, and 1 8x1 Header


Fernvale needs a CTIA compatible headset. For OMTP headsets you will want to use a CTIA<->OMTP converter.


If you find other compatible devices, please list them here.