Topic: Iceweasel keeps moving after mouse-up


I got my Novena laptop via UPS yesterday and successfully installed the LCD without destroying it. It boots up great and seems generally functional. Hooray!

When I drag Iceweasel an inch or two across the screen, the window keeps moving slowly for 3-10 seconds after I release the mouse. This does not happen with other applications like Terminal, Thunar, or Task Manager.

From what I can gather from other threads (like, this is probably happening because the UseGPU option is set to false in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/60-novena.conf, which leaves us with unaccelerated 2D rendering. Because Iceweasel is more than just a text window like Terminal, it renders more slowly, so it lags more.

Assuming I'm right about all this, I figure the thing I should do is wait for Xobs and co. to finish "getting a newer galcore driver ported that should fix the glitches" and then reenable the GPU.

Am I on the right track here?

Re: Iceweasel keeps moving after mouse-up

Hi bstafford.

I can't confirm it because I didn't received yet my novena, but what I think it's happening is that the window manager is doing solid movement of windows, so your window is redrawing many times (every pixel?) as you move the iceweasel window.

You could try to configure the window manager to do transparent move, or use another window manager that doesn't move windows solid. This way the window redraws only once when you release the mouse button.

It seems that we need a little of patience to get gpu acceleration, but in the end we will get one of the best supported arm computers with upstream free software.

Re: Iceweasel keeps moving after mouse-up

Ah, that's a great idea.

Applications Menu > Settings > Window Manager > Advanced > check "Hide contents of windows when resizing"

That works nicely and will certainly tide me over until GPU acceleration is available, or maybe forever.

Thanks for the help.