Topic: USB host mode programming

Just wondering where I should look to experiment with the OTG port.

XOBS (in the hardware forum) > Novena includes a USB OTG port so you, too, can emulate a "BadUSB" device.

I did read some articles about it but did not study for this yet. Most of the small armboards have the option to use an USB port as a host (i.e. to be an USB device), but I ave not seen many uses of it, so not much example code to look at, that do not repurpose the whole device.

Well, maybe if I start searching, that it would make sence  to me (or if I do more than just read, without 'taking notes' and realy start experimenting again.  ).

Re: USB host mode programming

There are Linux drivers for it, search for "Linux USB Gadget"

Re: USB host mode programming

A good example of this sort of thing is PSFreedom, which was an open-sourced PS3 jailbreak exploit.  It was designed to run on devices such as the N900, but acts as a USB gadget.

The source code is available at, and the file you'll be most interested in is psfreedom.c (along with Makefile, which takes advantage of the Linux build system.)

Re: USB host mode programming

see also tools like USBProxy, which uses both A and B ports to let you  MITM USB.