Topic: For Sale: Novena Laptop

My Novena has been sitting on my bookshelf unused for a long time, so I'd like to pass it on to someone who can make use of it.

I will ship everything I received with the laptop, including the original box, power supply, Myriad SDR, and both green and blue bezels. It *will not* include the SSD drive that I received with the machine.

It still boots fine, but the battery is long dead, and I couldn't charge it the last time I played around with it. As such, I can't vouch for the functionality of the battery board.

I have no idea what this system is worth, so if you are interested please make an offer via forum email. I'm also happy to answer any other questions or send some photos. I'd prefer to ship within the continental U.S. only.


Re: For Sale: Novena Laptop

I didn't receive any responses so I've listed it on eBay: