Topic: compiler problems maybe?

I got a new machine and am trying to build fernly with the fernvale board from sysmocom.

I am arm-none-eabi-gcc version 6.3.1 20170620 (15:6.3.1+svn253039-1) from debian (well... pureos). When I build fernly the loader runs but the firmware doesn't seem to work right. Last thing in the log is:

Waiting for Fernly USB loader banner...

If I use binaries I compiled with gcc 4.8.4 20141219 (4.8.4-1+11-1) from debian 8 things work fine both on my old machine (debian 8) and my new machine (pureos). I just copied over the executables and .bin files from old to new and runs fine on the new machine.

I remember there being problems with newer compilers in the osmocom-bb project but don't have enough experience to know what the issue might be.

I will try and debug it but figured I'd ask as well.


Re: compiler problems maybe?

I am going to try using the toolchain recmomended by the osmocom-bb wiki: … Toolchain, will probably work just fine. smile

Re: compiler problems maybe?

Yep, using the toolchain built according to osmocom-bb specs fixed the problem. gcc-4.8.2, binutils-2.21.1, newlib-1.19. I had to apply three patches, two to gcc and one to newlib.

PROBLEM with cfns.gperf fixes
FIX:;a=co … a0029f4852

PROBLEM: a few tex problems in gcc docs, @tex should appear at a line beginning
FIX: … 02100.html

PROBLEM: newlib.../libc/sys/arm/trap.S:88: Error: lo register required -- `sub ip,sp,ip'
FIX: add --disable-newlib-supplied-syscalls

This was building on PureOS  v1, (debian based distro for laptop), gcc 7.2.0 (Debian 7.2.0-14).

Re: compiler problems maybe?

FWIW, I just ran into this again now. The osmocom gnu arm toolchain page has a note about applying a patch for Ubuntu 18.04 which also worked for me on Debian 10 and so I have a working fernly on fernvale again.