Topic: Microsoft Surface Headphones few feature not working,what should i do?

I recently purse a pair of surface headphones to read a review and via there link and there are a lot of things that I like about them. However, many of their basic features randomly stop working at least half of the time. These include the noise cancelation dial, and the touch commands (the volume dial always works). These features stop working unpredictably and this is very frustrating considering this device is $350.

When this occurs, the noise cancellation setting is stuck on whatever it was previously set to. I’ve tried updating using the pc app, disconnecting and reconnecting, forgetting and resyncing, and resetting to factory settings, but nothing has worked.

When these features DO work, they don’t work very well: The touch gestures are very inconsistent compared to say, apple air pods. One and two tap gestures are too often misinterpreted for one another and I have been unable to find a method of consistently getting the desired gesture. The ambient sound amplification seems to toggle between the highest setting and a slightly lower setting during phone calls so that I periodically can’t hear myself speaking as clearly.

I haven't seen anyone else online mention any of these issues. I was wondering if any of you have experienced some of these and know a fix. VERY disappointed with this device sad