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I have finally found several previously undocumented GPIOs in the Novena: … Manual.pdf

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Unrelated to the GPIOs you found, but it looks like you may have accidentally search-replaced something and replaced a bunch of characters (mostly uppercase O I think) with a double quote. Page 2 has plenty of examples:

So it seems the SATA (Serial AT Attachment) host tries to initiate the communication with
C”OMRSRT (somewhere between second 1.206E41 and second 1.208594), but it never receives
the C”OINIT answer the SSD should give. E seconds later at second 6.E72E74 is complains that
there is still no answer and a minute later at second 61.40145E it gives up. Theoretically the
C”OINIT should come within a second after the C”OMRSRT.
If you are interested in the details of the SATA protocol, I can recommend this presentation:
”n page 40 you can see the timing of C”OMRSRT and C”OINIT. The SATA host (computer)
should start with C”OMRSRT, and the SSD should reply with C”OINIT.
Afterwards they can calibrate, negotiate the speed, ... and then they have a 3link“.

and a large portion of the pages render as blank white pages in Chromium for me, though Atril renders those fine. These seem to be pages 3-35 inclusive.

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I am sorry, there was a strange problem with the upload, I uploaded it again yesterday, please try again.