Topic: anybody get fernvale-qemu working?

I was interested in using fernvale-qemu to help me understand what memory addresses are accessed during the BROM/bootloader code especially with a mind to gaining a stable foothold for osmocom-bb firmware in RAM (PSRAM?).

I pulled down and had to do some adjustments. Especially concerning was the fiddling with /sys/class/gpio/gpio17/value in and which makes me think that as-is it is expecting to run on a novena with the FPGA ROMulator things mentioned in the gonkai to open source article.

My small adjustments are here: … not-novena including my thoughts on how to setup/run in README_FERNVALE

Just wondering if anybody got fernvale-qemu working. A friend is working on support for MT6735 in this same scenario so I may be able to leverage their work back to a standard non-FPGA system for fernvale/mt6260.

Re: anybody get fernvale-qemu working?

I forgot that there was a fork of fernvale-qemu that likely will work for me.

Will try it out soon.