Topic: porting fernly to osmocom-bb

I have been playing around with porting fernly code over to make an osmocom-bb firmware in hopes of working on the baseband there.

To start I thought I would try and make an osmocom-bb firmware that just turns on the LED.

I have pared down the code in fernly a bunch and still get an LED turning on.

What I think is nearly the same code in osmocom-bb doesn't turn the LED on.

If anyone has a clue where I went wrong, please let me know. For my next attempt I might try a serial "hello world" sort of small firmware to port. I wanted to avoid all the serial_init() code. … ale-led-on … ale-led-on

Re: porting fernly to osmocom-bb

I suppose the diffs would be easier to read through: … ale-led-on … ale-led-on


Re: porting fernly to osmocom-bb

Well, something real obvious struck me: the linker scripts and startup code is vastly different between fernly and osmocom-bb mtk currently. So this is what I will work on.