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Topic: Need advice on how to implement real time race car data overlay

Hi, I am planning to use my NeTV inline with an onboard race car video streaming setup. I have a system onboard the race car, that has multiple 720p cameras feeding into a SlingStudio unit that broadcasts a combined view of the cameras live to YouTube. You can see an example here.


All the video processing is done in the car, and a 4G data connection streams it live to YouTube.

We also have a device in the car that collects data such as speed, engine revs, g forces. We are going to find a way to get that data into a JSON file or some other format that we can update on the NeTV. Likely transfer in real time via a serial connection from the data box. This is the capture device.

https://www.autosportlabs.com/product/r … repro-mk3/

Here is a mockup of the type of overlay I want to implement with the NeTV.


Before I start writing a Javascript app to try this, using SVG data to draw the overlay. Any advice on the best approach to take? My greatest concern is I want to update the overlay data at 30 frames per second, so that it looks smooth on the video. What's the best way to achieve this?

Re: Need advice on how to implement real time race car data overlay

Those interested in the setup in the car, details here...
https://drive.google.com/open?id=133Gn6 … _pu-_qsZaw