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Topic: Linux 4.4 Kernel Update for Novena (with deb files)

Good Evening All,

I have been able to get the 4.4.91 kernel compiled and working for the Novena! This is also with full disk encryption support. Based on this:

https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/09 … r-6-years/

The 4.4 kernel should be in service until 2022, so I wanted to try to get our 4.4 kernel updated for it.


I added a readme here to get it working (along with all of the patches), and am currently working on getting it packaged up for Debian. When it is, I will add it in the github site.

EDIT: See the bottom post, I have updated for 4.4.92

EDIT: When new patches come out, I will just put them at the bottom.

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Re: Linux 4.4 Kernel Update for Novena (with deb files)

As I promised, here are the deb files:
EDIT: I updated to 4.4.92

These will update (i.e. replace) the linux image from the novena.io repo. Right now Debian is upset with the linux-libc-dev .deb file, it thinks that it is a broken package if you don't use their version. I am open to ideas on how to fix that.

Please read the readme, especially if you have full disk encryption! Here it is quoted EDIT: Changed it a bit to make it more compatible:

If you are using full disk encryption, please place the files in https://github.com/chris4795/novena-debian-support in their corresponding locations.

This creates the u-boot initramfs needed to support full disk encryption. If you do not, it will not work!

If you are using full disk encryption, please place the files in https://github.com/chris4795/novena-kernel-backup in their corresponding locations. This way, if anything goes wrong, you can press the user button and it will load up the previous kernel.

EDIT 2: Deleted, no longer true

EDIT 3: I have posted the source here: https://github.com/chris4795/linux-novena-4.4/

EDIT 4: Deleted, no longer true.

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Re: Linux 4.4 Kernel Update for Novena (with deb files)

I deleted the edits from the previous post, as I have fixed the update-initramfs issues. The updated scripts in https://github.com/chris4795/novena-debian-support should make the kernel update and initramfs creation/update fully compatible with Debian. I highly recommend upgrading to these scripts, as before, if there was a package upgrade that triggered an update to initramfs, the mkimage would not trigger and the update would not propogate to u-boot.

Also, if you are coming from 4.7.2, you must go to /var/lib/initramfs-tools and remove the file "4.7.2" so update-initramfs -u works.

EDIT: Sorry, I had to make a small tweak to zzzz-initrd-copy, I forgot to delete a line in it. You will have to replace your copy with that. If you get an error installing a kernel image, that is the script where there is the error.

I also forgot to mention, to install the scripts, take all of the files (with the exception of "debian", ".gitignore", and "README") and place them in the folder location that I have them. For example, zzz-copy-to-sd is located in /etc/kernel/postinit.d/zzz-copy-to-sd in the github, and that is where it needs to go in your computer. If there is not a folder location (i.e. /etc/initramfs/post-update.d/), you must create it.

After you place these scripts, please reinstall your image so that the scripts can do what they need to do for proper initramfs support. If you are still on the kosagi repo, run

~ # apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-novena

If you are on a custom built one , use

~ # dpkg -i $name_of_kernel_Image.deb

EDIT 2: Sorry once again, had to make another tweak. I tweaked the files a bit more to there is better flow for folks that don't have the SD card mounted, and I had to add a sha1sum after the copy to get update-initramfs to work. Once again, copy the scripts and re-run the kernel install.

Re: Linux 4.4 Kernel Update for Novena (with deb files)

Hello all,

I updated the kernel to 4.4.92. You can find the deb files here:


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Re: Linux 4.4 Kernel Update for Novena (with deb files)

Hello All,

I updated the kernel to 4.4.93. You can find the deb files in the same github as above.

Any of these kernels will work with xobs u-boot and the novena-debian-support package, or with my u-boot without the extra scripts.

EDIT: Rather than continue spamming this forum, I am just going to keep the most up to date packages here:


I will try to keep it in sync with the patches from www.kernel.org.

Re: Linux 4.4 Kernel Update for Novena (with deb files)

For those wondering about Specture and Meltdown for the Novena:


The IMX.6 (ARM Cortex A9) appears to be vulnerable to both Variant 1 and 2 of Specture. Right now the mainline kernel has not come out with patches to fix it (nor has ARM come up with patches either), but I have been keeping up with the patches. As soon as I see that those patches are out for the mainline, I will be sure to compile and publish them.