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Topic: [Solved] No picture on the LCD screen


I integrated the novena board and the recommended LCD screen in the hacker case. I connected the LVDS ribbon cable, eDP adaptor board and eDP micro-coaxiale cable.

When powering on the novena without an external monitor, the uboot screen with the penguin appears about 1 second and then the screen shows no picture (screen is black).
When powering on the novena using an external monitor via HDMI, the uboot screen is not shown on the internal screen (screen keeps being black from the beginning). The external monitor shows everything as expected. xrandr shows as only device HDMI.

The novena runs Debian Jessie with kernel 3.19, lxde using xorg.
I do not use a battery board.

1) Any idea why I have no picture?

2) Can I be sure that the LCD is connected in the right way, because I see the uboot screen (when not using the HDMI port)?

3) Should xrandr show as device only HDMI or should it show an own device for the LCD screen?

4) Do I need to configure xorg in a sepcial way for using the LCD screen?

5) Is kernel 3.19 new enough using a LCD screen?

6) Do I need an additional piece of hardware (so that the hackers case standard hole for the power connection is used) for using the screen?
I use the board power connection. Because of this I had to drill a hole in the hacker case ot be able to connect the board with power.

7) There is a "screen" button at the hacker case which does in my case nothing. Do I have to configure something here?

Thanks for any help

Re: [Solved] No picture on the LCD screen

Make sure all of your software is up to date; this was definitely an issue in the past: https://www.kosagi.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=191

Also, make sure your EEPROM flags are correct (use the eeprom-gui tool). I think there's a flag in there to enable the LCD. If you just got the bare board, then added the LCD after, that may well be the problem. Much less likely if you started with a desktop/laptop.

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Re: [Solved] No picture on the LCD screen

Your hint did solve the issue:
I needed to start novena-eeprom-gui and set there the flag "IT6251 LVDS-to-eDP bridge". After a reboot is the LCD running. Xorg shows a new device LVDS1.

Thanky you for helping me, dbtayl.