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I just see on the Wiki something about NeTV2 (comming soon)

Any information on that topic ?
- Availability
- Features
- ...

Thanks !

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For anyone else interested, I believe jpencausse is referring to NeTV2 Main page.

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It's coming soon! The material is in review and will take a couple of weeks to get posted.

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We've got the preliminary specifications and information up on NeTV2 now:

Please note that the NeTV2 is being produced by Alphamax LLC, not Kosagi, but because the current NeTV user base is located here the pre-shipment disclosure and discussion will occur on this bulletin board.

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Awesome to see the details about the NeTV2 are now available!

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Fantastic news! I'm particularly eager to read about the HTML API for NeTV2.

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Any update on that topics ? ETA or more ?

I tried multiple device, but none can beat the concept of NeTV, the only issue is the old Webkit that run slowly on the device.

NeTV2 could be a revolution, go for a Kicksater or something like that ! :-)
What's slowing the build of the device ?

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Really looking forward to developing a system for NETV2, are there any recommended host machines I can get for testing while awaiting unit builds?

Is the HTML API available yet?