Topic: senoko for other uses?

While preparing the new senoko batch, I was wondering if there are other use cases to the senoko than the novena board.
I remember someone in the forum at least testing it with a raspberry pi.
the reason to ask is, that I mentioned to bunnie, that there is space to place extra soldering holes to have the option to add an extra header row for other purposes.
That would make changes in the layout necessary, but that are minor changes and I have possibility to do so.
So what do you think? Is it worth to go for it aka might that raise more interests for the board?
And if, where might be the guys interested in it outside the novena community?


Re: senoko for other uses?

Is it feasible to add something to allow daisy chaining one senoko into another,  allow dual battery setups?

Re: senoko for other uses?

Senoko's normal output is just the battery voltage, with the regulation done on the Novena. While Senoko's a great battery manager, I don't think it'd be terribly useful in other circumstances without adding a regulator on there too (since everything else in the world runs off 5v). That's obviously a much bigger deal than adding the header pins. Perhaps a little breakout-and-5v-regulator board that plugs into a standard senoko header would make more sense?