Topic: Adding some scripts to linux-image-novena?

Good Evening xobs,

I wanted to make the kernel updates "safer" in which the zimage, uimage, and the .dtb files are backed up in case the kernel update somehow goes wrong and makes the system unbootable (I have had a couple of issues with that).

If i wanted to submit those scripts, how would I go about doing that?


Re: Adding some scripts to linux-image-novena?

The scripts can be part of any package.  The ones we use now are part of U-Boot.  The script gets copied to /etc/kernel/postinst.d/ which gets executed after the install.  Sounds like exactly what you want.

The script we use is at … a.install.  It gets passed a variety of arguments that you can use to save kernels and such before installation.

You can create a package that has the scripts in them, or you can try submitting them as a parch to the U-Boot repository.  The concern I'd have with the backups is that /boot/ could fill up easily as it's only 32 MB.  The idea was to have users reboot into Recovery mode if the install failed, by holding down the USER button as the board is powered up.

Re: Adding some scripts to linux-image-novena?

Good Morning xobs,

What I can do is modify the script so that the backup kernels will not be in the /boot partition of the flash storage (I saw that they go into /usr/share/linux-novena , perhaps put the backups into their so one can just copy and paste old kernels back into boot in case something goes wrong)

I also fixed a couple of the scripts in debian-support, The scripts don't work for anything other than 3.19, so I fixed it to work with any kernel.

I found that in github and I will post my changes.

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Re: Adding some scripts to linux-image-novena?


One other note, in working with the installer, I noticed that the standard armmp Debian linux-images depend on

- libuuid-perl
- linux-base
- initramfs-tools

But linux-image-novena does not. I could not find where you have a script for building this package. Where would that be?

Re: Adding some scripts to linux-image-novena?

The official way to build a kernel, as far as I can tell, is to use the use the kernel Makefile to build the package.

I've included the script at …