Topic: Iceweasel Running Slowly?

Hey All,

Does anyone else run Iceweasel, and if so, does it run on the sluggish side for you? I was hoping to figure out what i can do to make it run faster (or if there is a better web browser for it.

Thank you!

Re: Iceweasel Running Slowly?

Certainly one of the more sluggish things I run.  A bit faster now that I have 2D acceleration on, but still terrible when there are lots of images on a page, not sure why as my RAM doesn't fill up.

Re: Iceweasel Running Slowly?

I have 2D Accelleration on as well, i would have thought that would speed things up too.

Which 2d Acceleration are you using?

Re: Iceweasel Running Slowly?

I'm using the etnaviv/armada stuff from xobs' NAS

Re: Iceweasel Running Slowly?

I've been using Chromium from Ubuntu at … ld/7719027

Something like "wget … _armhf.deb && sudo dpkg -i chromium-*.deb"