Topic: editing novena-eeprom

I have desktop version of Novena, and recently bought a hard disk for it.
I was trying to install and run Debian linux on my SATA disk.
Followed the instructions here : … tasks.html

However, I made a mistake when adding sataroot to the features list of Novena-eeprom.
I typed: novena-eeprom -f es8328,pcie,gbit,hdmi,eepromoops,sataroot -w
When I reboot the computer, the screen was lighting up but didn't show anything. Later the screen went dark.

I was thinking the possible mistake is I forgot to type senoko and edp to the feature list?
Before I edit the feaute list of novena-eeprom, under the features of EEPROM settings, it were 0xf7(es8328, senoko, edp,pcie,gbit,hdmi,eepromoops)

If it was the mistake, how can I solve this?

Re: editing novena-eeprom

Hold down the "User" button as the system powers up.  It will boot to the internal SD card with all features enabled, ignoring what's on the EEPROM.  That way you can go in and add that feature back in.

Re: editing novena-eeprom

Is user button right next to the power button? If so, I did try this method, still not working.

I did hold down that button while pressing the power button:

Re: editing novena-eeprom

Sorry, it's the one on the mainboard next to the "Reset" button.

In fact, you can hold it down as you press the Reset button, and release it once Linux has started booting.

Re: editing novena-eeprom

Thank you, it worked!

Really appreciated your response. smile