Topic: Audacity and Musescore Audio Issues

I have been working to get Audacity and Musescore working on the Novena, and I have found a workaround, but I was hoping to figure out how to not use this workaround.

For both Musescore and Audacity, I have to use Device: "imx-audio-es8328" with ALSA. Every other sound device (I use default on my desktop and it works fine) makes the sound come out garbled. Musescore is under "Portaudio", and Audacity is under ALSA as well. This makes both programs work with audio, but I can not no longer use any other program with audio. I think this also makes some sort of issue with Pulseaudio, as usually if I run another program (like VLC or Rhythmbox) and then go to Musescore of Audacity, the sound comes out garbled (just like if I used the device "Default")

Are there any ways I could debug this further so I could have both programs work nicely?

Thank you in advance for any help!

Re: Audacity and Musescore Audio Issues

What sample rate do they run at?

The default for pulseaudio is 44.1 kHz.  We run the es8328 at 44.1 kHz, too.  Some applications demand 48 kHz, and won't accept any other value.

I've thought about adding support in the kernel for 48 kHz, but haven't done it yet.