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I'm curious if anyone else has managed to run ARM-based Docker containers on their Novena? When I run the Docker-maintained "" script, two kernel configurations are listed as missing: "CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES" and "CONFIG_POSIX_MQUEUE".

If I were to try and fix this, would I need to compile a custom kernel based on ?

Anywho, thanks in advance for any insight.

Side-note: I'd like to release the scripts I've used to compile Docker up to this point, even though they're pretty simple. Please comment with a quick note if you're interested.

Re: Docker on Novena?

With a bit more research and discussion today, it seems like I would be looking to do the following:

Is this dependent on the hardware supporting these options though? Can anyone confirm whether I am on the right track and whether I would see problems enabling those two configs?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Docker on Novena?

I'll add those to the default kernel build.  They'll be in the next kernel release.  Right now they're in the v3.19-novena-etnadrm-r3 branch, which I'm testing.

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Re: Docker on Novena?

You generally don't need to compile the entire kernel if you just require additional kernel modules. I've built xhci_hcd.ko for my PCIe-USB3.0 adapter before. Clone xob's novena-linux repo and checkout the corresponding commit to your installed version. Copy over .config and Module.symvars from /usr/src/ and run 'make modules_prepare && make M=drivers/char CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES=m'.
You should check the corresponding Kconfig for any dependencies and build them accordingly. Once you've loaded the built modules and verified that they work, you can install them via 'make modules_install'.

See: … odules.txt

Re: Docker on Novena?

Thanks, xobs! Please let me know if/how/when I can test if it would be helpful.

aguki: I appreciate the details, but you mostly lost me big_smile

I'll plan on reading through the docs you linked in an attempt to understand.

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There's a problem with the GPU [not] coming out of hibernate.  There's a separate issue with the system not actually powering off.  I'd also like to fix HDMI timing.

I'll want to fix all of these problems before pushing out a kernel to everyone.