Topic: GPU problem on resume


While running the test images from

I hit the following seemingly endless response:

[ 2902.015477] etnaviv-gpu 134000.gpu: hangcheck detected gpu lockup!
[ 2902.021756] etnaviv-gpu 134000.gpu:      completed fence: 50404
[ 2902.027719] etnaviv-gpu 134000.gpu:      submitted fence: 50405
[ 2902.033925] etnaviv-gpu 134000.gpu: hangcheck recover!

It happens on resume from hibernate. Only once in a while (twice now). The other time I hit it with:

[ 2596.802278] etnaviv-gpu 134000.gpu:      completed fence: 166534
[ 2596.808321] etnaviv-gpu 134000.gpu:      submitted fence: 166535

No special programs running on hibernation.

Re: GPU problem on resume

I've gotten that once, too.  Thanks for the report.

There's likely a problem with suspending when an operation is not complete.  It's interesting that it doesn't seem to happen when resuming from a suspend.  Probably some state not getting preserved.  I'll look into it.