Topic: Maximizing Batteries life expectancy

Hi all,
I've been reading that for Lithium-Ion batteries, it is best to store them at 40% charge [0]. I was wondering if it would also be better the keep the batteries at 40% capacity when I use my laptop as a desktop computer (i.e. plugged), which I often do. If this is  indeed the case, would it make sense to add the option the limit the charging of the batteries at 40% ? Could such a limit be achieved through firmware ? How so ?

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[0] … and_charge

Re: Maximizing Batteries life expectancy

I wouldn't worry about it too much. 40% is a good long-term storage target, but leaving it full isn't going to cut your battery lifetime in half.

Besides, as cheap new batteries are available from HobbyKing, you'll never be stuck with a laptop where the only source of replacement battery packs is expensive NOS off ebay that may have been sitting on the shelf for years and already degraded significantly.

Re: Maximizing Batteries life expectancy

Thanks for the reassurance !
I'm probably over-protective of my beloved Novena laptop smile