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So, the Novena has dual-channel LVDS driving the eDP converter board.  If I take the converter off, I should be able to drive LVDS displays, yes?  (With the right configuration flashed to eeprom?)  What if I have a single-channel LVDS panel -- can I just turn half of the LVDS off, wire up the other half, and drive it that way?

As you can probably tell, I'm a bit new to these things smile  Your understanding is appreciated.

Re: Driving a single-channel LVDS display

As long as your LCD panel resolution is no bigger than 1280x800 or 1366x768 @ 60fps, the answer is "yes".

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Yes-ish.  The EEPROM settings never got wired up, and the Linux kernel is moving away from specifying individual timings to instead specify panel names.  Which is annoying.

So you'll instead need to modify the device tree, which isn't so bad.  Edit arch/arm/boot/dts/imx6q-novena.dts and make your changes there.  You can drive two different panels independently, though there may be weird interdependencies on timing.

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Re: Driving a single-channel LVDS display

I'm very much aware of the standard way of thinking concerning goal overhauls. About how you need to check whether there are oem overhauls accessible, checking the LVDS link, and so forth, and so on That is not what is the issue here. This is more a hypothetical inquiry.

I'm mindful that 1080p boards require double channel LVDS. I contemplating whether it's feasible to utilize a 1080p board with a contradictory link at not exactly full execution (like what Linus did). For instance, on the off chance that I got a 1080p board, could I actually drive it at 1366x768 over a solitary station link? (notwithstanding how silly you figure this would be).

In case you're attempting to show a 1080p @60Hz, which clearly runs into transmission capacity impediments paying little mind to what the board anticipates. Consider the possibility that you did 1080p@30Hz or 768p@60Hz. Would it still not work? peruse out, yet no resulting Honda half and half vehicles offered that intriguing information point. Why? I generally expected on the grounds that they got burnt out on managing sadness from clients griping they were seeing just 55 lifetime mpg rather than the 70 EPA interstate mpg.