Topic: kernel compilation

I tried to compile the kernel modules from but they are slightly different than the ones that come with the MicroSD image: 3.17.0-rc5-00058-g72645fd vs. 3.17.0-rc5-00217-gfd79638
So I tried to install the freshly compiled kernel, but there is not enough space on /boot . I would suggest to double the size of the /boot partition to ease kernel updates

Re: kernel compilation

When I compiled the branch v3.17-rc5-novena-vivante the modules were compatable with the installed kernel on the sd card. But a larger boot partition might be nice to swap between kernels.

Re: kernel compilation

There should be enough space on /boot for two kernels: The main one and the recovery one.  Other kernels can be stored elsewhere.  Debian really likes to put the actual kernel in /usr/share/linux-novena/.  We install a script in /etc/kernel/postinst.d/ to copy this to /boot/ on installation.

You should be able to check out the exact kernel revision by doing a "git checkout [ref]".  For example, "git checkout g72645fd" or "git checkout gfd79638".  Oftentimes though, the issue is that the kernel config is different.  You ought to be able to "make novena_defconfig", but in case that is different, you can do "gunzip -c /proc/config.gz > .config" to grab your current kernel config.

Re: kernel compilation

how big are your kernels? do you have anything else in /boot/? I currently have 2 x kernel (3.5MB each) and 2 x initramfs (11MB each) in /boot/ plus miscellaneous u-boot and dtb guff.

I cross-build, but using xobs's config that makes a deb with the kernel in /usr/share/linux-novena/ that gets postinst copied to /boot/ and it all works smoothly for me.