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I'm finalizing changes to Novena for PVT2, which is the Crowd Supply production version. … 2_ECO_List

Mostly EOL refreshes and minor tweaks.  The list is "living" as in it has yet to be frozen; it will probably freeze on July 4.

The most major change of note is the front panel connector. The 8-pin DIP header for USB is being dropped in favor of a 30-pin FPC which will go to a daughterboard that fits into the space on the front where the USB and power switch should go.

The 30 pin FPC will allow us to neatly route speaker, USB, and GPIO to the front panel breakout. The 8-pin USB breakout over standard ribbon cable had bad performance when doing high speed, so hopefully the FPC routed as a diff pair can improve on that.

Significantly, the front panel PCB is being augmented and has the following features now:

  • one USB port facing outwards

  • one USB port facing inwards (into the case, toward the Peek array)

  • two switches: one for power, and one general purpose switch whose intended function is to initiate BT pairing in case a new keyboard is introduced

  • local speaker headers (same JST EH 2-pin types as on novena mainboard)

  • 5V power for Peek Array, current limited to 0.5A and switched, so you don't fry the mainboard if your project has a short and you can also turn it off via software if you want to save power

  • Set of FPGA GPIOs arranged as a full SPI header. So, you can plug in a small SPI ROM if you want to stash some private keys, or you can reconfigure as other GPIO for projects. 3.3V-compatible only

  • 3x CPU GPIOs  arranged on a header. Their function is slightly overloaded so to use them you have to sacrifice some other function (e.g. BT pairing switch or case open switch)

  • Header to a hall-effect case-open sensor (so you can have Novena change power state automatically on when screen is lifted)

  • One analog input (mapped to TS controller IC analog GPI)

  • One white LED, identical to the "heartbeat" LED on the mainboard (so you can actually see the heartbeat from the front)

This change should make it a little easier to prototype simple projects in the Peek Array.

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Final ECO list and schematics, source are available for download. … a_pvt2.PDF …

Boards should be released to fab by next week, which means likely an on-time November delivery date should be achievable.

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Great! thanks for keeping us updated
All changes seem to improve both usability and hackability! smile