Topic: Crash on PVT2 (with repro)

With the stock Novena booting from the internal SSD:

1. Start X
2. Open Iceweasel
3. Go to ""
4. Wait
5. System locks up

I'm sometimes able to ssh into the machine after the UI lock, but eventually the shell locks up too and I can no longer ssh into the machine anymore. The crash is 100% reproducible.

Here's some relevant info:

* only HDMI connected
* uname -a: Linux novena 3.17.0-rc5-00212-gfd79638 #276 SMP PREEMPT Nov 14 20:15:41 SGT 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux
* iceweasel dpkg version: 31.2.0esr-3
* xserver-xorg-video-armada dpkg version: 0.0.1-r4
* xserver-xorg-video-armada-etnaviv dpkg version: 0.0.1-r4

I could potentially debug this further though I don't have a serial connect (currently on the way).

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Re: Crash on PVT2 (with repro)

Just another note, no crash log data is found after running

novena-eeprom -e eeprom-dump.bin

Edit: just read the source for novena-eeprom, looks like it doesn't dump that data.

Re: Crash on PVT2 (with repro)


There is definitely a problem where the GPU driver starts drawing to areas of memory where it really shouldn't.  We're working on it, though, and it'll be fixed in a future release.

You can also break it fairly quickly by running /usr/lib/xscreensaver/tessellimage

You can "fix" it by disabling hardware acceleration.  Edit /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/60-novena.conf and setting:

Option "UseGPU" "false"

Re: Crash on PVT2 (with repro)

Changing the UseGPU to false also seems to have stopped my board from crashing after performing a couple screen rotations.  I could change it from "normal" to "right" but it would then crash when I changed back to normal.  It now seems to be able to rotate numerous times without issue.

Re: Crash on PVT2 (with repro)

Is there a way to shutoff the GPU when not in X-windows?  But shutting off the GPU in the X11 config I've cleared up a couple problems I was having in X windows, but I still have terrible rendering, including noise, on CLI screens.

Re: Crash on PVT2 (with repro)

GregRob wrote:

but I still have terrible rendering, including noise, on CLI screens.

Can you give details on the terrible rendering? Are you using HDMI? I had flickery HDMI output until I used the EEProm tool to turn off the LVDS outputs, and rebooted.

Re: Crash on PVT2 (with repro)

Thanks, that worked. Still totally stoked for the free 3d opengl and 2d X graphics stack.

Re: Crash on PVT2 (with repro)

I am using HDMI output.  The CLI looked ok, but was the wrong resolution when I had LVDS output active.  Now when I have LVDS turned off it is the correct resolution but has all sorts of odd digital artifacts jumping all over the screen and is barely legible.  I'd post a picture of it, but I accidentally let the blue smoke out of my LCD controller and am waiting for a new one to arrive.

I tried setting the LVDS resolution to match that of my LCD display, but that didn't help either.

I've spent most of a day manipulating EEPROM settings, EDID info in my LCD controller, and playing around with ARANDR configurations, and so far the best result was from 1)In EEPROM turn off both LVDS channels and 2)In X windows turn off acceleration.  This gives me a working GUI, and while I use CLI a lot, for my Novena project it is a GUI I am aiming for, so the messed up CLI is acceptable.

I am trying to integrate with a Chalk Electronics 14 inch multi-touch display.  I had troubles properly setting the EDID in the controller as it comes pre-set for their 10 inch display, but I finally got that working.