Topic: Another Novena for sale - complete kit

I've got too much going on these days and don't have time to mess around with electronics like I used to, so I'm looking to sell my Novena. It's very gently used, and has mostly been sitting on a shelf.

It comes with everything* that came with the desktop kit, plus a Senoko** (LCD, main PCBA, US AC adapter, "hacker case", SDR, ...). I'll also throw in the aluminum case I machined for the Novena- it mostly works. If you want something to turn the Novena into an actual laptop, it makes it about 50% of the way there. Right form factor, not terribly well-finished, and not particularly sturdy. So it would satisfy being a workbench computer or mostly living on a desk, but I wouldn't trust it for much more. I can provide details if desired (I have a thread about it here: … &p=2), but consider it a bonus and not something you'd pay for.

*Will be missing some of the many standard M2/M2.5/M3 socket-head cap screws. A few of those have been cannibalized for other projects.

**Hand-assembled by me, worked fine in my limited testing/use. I do a fair bit of PCB assembly/SMT soldering, so it's not entirely unreasonable for me to have done it correctly.

Shoot me a forum email/PM if interested. I can provide pictures of everything. I'd rather not part it out, and would like to stay within the US if possible.

Thanks! Hope somebody has a good home in need of a Novena!

Re: Another Novena for sale - complete kit