Topic: Using a 20pin LVDS screen

Hey I managed to pre-order the main board before the deadline because I wanted to put it in a 90's era Laptop.
The physical dimensions of the laptop makes it impossible to put a 13inch or larger screen in it, but I think I found something that will work. … Q121X1LH73

However this, and all other appropriate screens all use a 20 pin LVDS.

So my question is would this screen work if I tried to create a 20pin adapter for it?

Re: Using a 20pin LVDS screen

Yes, it would work quite easily.

That panel uses a standard SPWG / PSWG byte ordering on a single LVDS channel over three lanes.  You'd just need to copy the numbers from page 11 into the "BIOS" configuration utility and then reboot.

The cable to go from the mainboard to an LCD adapter board is rather specialized, so we're planning on shipping an extra or two.  The hardest bit will be to find a connector that matches the side of the cable that plugs into the old motherboard, so you can put it on your adapter board.

The backlight will be harder to work with.  I'm not sure what you'll need to feed the CCFL, or how you'll need to pulse it to dim it.