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Topic: Mjpg video (hacky solution)

In case anyone else runs into this/wants to do this, I just wanted to share my currently working solution.

I had an mjpg stream from a raspberrypi via motion.

To grab a frame from the stream, I used the following php script to grab a jpg from the stream: https://gist.github.com/megasaturnv/812 … 15c9bb1eb8

Then, the webkit version netvbrowser was built base on has a memory leak when replacing the src of an image frequently, so I used 2 iframes, and hooked the "load" callback for each to load the img and hide/show accordingly.

I get about 2-3 fps (not ideal, but couldnt really find a better solution and it was fine for my purpose)

https://github.com/spiffomatic64/netv_m … index.html