Topic: HDMI in signal processing

Hello, new to the forum.  I was wondering if NeTV has the capability of delaying the input frames and allowing you to extract certain information from the signal coming in?  I am trying to extract and send part of the info to the cloud, based on it I will pull relevant info to showcase on the screen along with the resuming of the hdmi stream.  Is there a good way to go about this?

Re: HDMI in signal processing

I think the old NeTV does not have enough RAM to buffer any delaying. The more delay you want to add, the more RAM you need. Also I think you cannot decode and extract information from the incoming signal with NeTV, you can only overlay it. Perhaps is more suitable for what you need.

Re: HDMI in signal processing

Thank you Sourcerer, I was looking for a cheaper version than the $400-$500 boards.

My application will run online and it will overlay the video it would just have to delay the signal by a few seconds (2-3sec) and I believe even the decoding could happen online as far as I can extract the part of the signal which needs to be decoded.  I wonder if there is enough ram for that?