Topic: Problem uploading a bit file


Every time I'm trying to upload a bit file into the FPGA the device hangs. It happens both while uploading via /dev/fpga or via a JTAG cable.

I'm pretty new to FPGA programming. The bit file is a simple "blink an LED" design. What am I doing wrong? Are there any mandatory pins I have to configure?

Thanks for help.

Re: Problem uploading a bit file

I guess the issue was caused by the pull up mosfets on the DDC channel.
I've fixed that by making all unused pins float. The device does not hang anymore and I still can access the CPU after uploading the bit file.

Still not muck luck with the FPGA itself. It does not seem to do anything.

Re: Problem uploading a bit file

The bit file must be in binary format and there is a command to upload the *.bin
fpga_ctl r  # this resets the FPGA
cat your_file.bin > /dev/fpga  # this blasts the configuration into the FPGA
And yes, after that you can not access anything, i think that there is a link between the cpu and the fpga in the verilog code of the netv, so you have to understand this code.
Me too, i tested to compile it and to understand its fonctionnalities.