Topic: Custom code execution Makibes Wear HR

Hello There,

I recently got a makibes wear hr smart watch for christmas, I would like to execute my own code on my device, I have got a rom dump of the mtk2502c and can do simple modifications like changing pictures and sounds, the structure is similar to the boot sequence posted in kosagi's reverse engineering of the MTK6260, I have no formal background in electronics or computers, but I am proficient with C++, and have a deep understanding of how electronics work,

I'd like some advice on where to start and how I can achieve custom code execution, I think I will start by coding an dissasembler/emulator to step through the rom and identify hardware access and adding emulated drivers as I find them, then use C++ to write my own simple hello world prograam with headers describing hardware access, compile with the necessary boot structures and then upload my custom rom to my device,

I really would like to know how to do this, can anyone offer advice?