Topic: Write webApps to take advantage of U8 as it is?

Hey everyone,

I've followed this forum for about a year and I've seen interest in the watch decline during that time. I'm coming from a software engineering perspective here but I was curious what everyone's thoughts are regarding writing apps for the existing OS on these economically priced smartwatches. I've recently read that many of the apps recommended for download onto the users smartphones come with backdoors that funnel data from the phone back to China. In the interest of avoiding piping my data to a third party while recognizing that much of the work that has been done will likely remain as it is.

I'm still waiting for my watch to arrive so I can start tinkering with webApps to connect to the device. Is there anyone already moving this direction?

Re: Write webApps to take advantage of U8 as it is?

Hmm, I am a bit afraid that the phone might not have enough performance for webApps, but I am not sure.

Re: Write webApps to take advantage of U8 as it is?

Well, to write custom apps to run on a MT62xx device, you "merely" need to reverse engineer enough of existing 8MB or so firmware to pack your app in instead of one packed by vendor, and make system run it. Come join the fun, in 10 years we should be able to do that at the current pace. Or we (as a community) can choose a single, and realistic RE target, pull together to crack it open, then reuse experience gathered for new, and more ambitious targets.

Last 1.5 years I'm actually working on gathering all my (and not just my) experience and try to do it differently (as in: trying to achieve realistic, and reusable results):