Topic: Problems booting with 4.7.2 or Gentoo images?


if you have a Novena with an eDP daughtercard fitted (laptop, desktop or heirloom configuration) and have experienced boot problems when trying out either the Novena-patched 4.7.2 kernel or the Gentoo microSD-card images for Novena (see my other recent posts in this forum), then please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused ><

Happily, the issue (more details here, if you are interested) has now (I believe!) been resolved. As such:

  • If you are interested in trying out the gentoo-on-novena images (full-libre or regular), please download the newly released v1.0.1, which has the updated kernel pre-installed; instructions here; or

  • If you are using the "novena" Gentoo overlay directly, please first refresh this (emaint sync --repo=novena), emerge the appropriate new kernel ebuild (either sys-kernel/novena_hardened-sources-4.7.2-r2 or sys/kernel/novena-sources-4.7.2-r1), then compile and install your kernel, modules and dtb as usual; or

  • If you would like to try the 4.7.2 kernel on your Novena, but are not using Gentoo, then just pull the updated patchset from GitHub and apply it, as described here.

"Just the board" users need take no action.

Best, sakaki