Topic: Battery not charging (but is full)

It was discharged yesterday, and charged up fine.  Left it plugged in overnight. Now software says not charging.  I asked senoko for stats and it says:

Temperature:        21.9 C
Voltage:            12373 mV
Current:            0 mA
Average current:    1 mA
Target voltage:     12600 mV
Target current:     0 mA
Number of cells:    3 cells
Cell 1 voltage:     4129 mV
Cell 2 voltage:     4118 mV
Cell 3 voltage:     4126 mV
Cell 4 voltage:     0 mV
Charge status:      0x1000
    Charging allowed?   yes
    Can suspend?        no
    Can precharge?      no
    Can maintenance?    yes
    Temperature limit?  no
    Temperature limit?  no
    Can fastcharge?     no
    Pulse charging?     no
    Pulse disable CHG?  no
    Cell balancing?     no
    Precharge timeout?  no
    Fastcharge timeout? no
    Overcharge OV?      no
    Overcharge OC?      no
    Overcharge?         no
    Battery empty?      no
Charge state:
    Battery initialized
    Battery discharging/relaxing
No errors detected
No safety alerts
No safety status messages

So I guess that alarm is the issue?  If I use chg pause and then chg set I can force it to charge, but once I chg resume it stops charging again (tried this only once, but that is what happened).


Re: Battery not charging (but is full)

I think that looks OK for a full battery. What behaviour were you expecting, given that it's already fully charged? The terminate charge alarm just means "stop charging because the battery's already charged".