Topic: Thinkpad-Displays 1440x1050 etc for free

It's my first posting here. Sorry, if such announces are not welcomed here.
I have from a A30 and a A31 some parts for free (wraked mainboard with BallGridArray grafik-card and unspecific mainboard-Death). The parts worked up to the end of the mainboards without any problems:
2 screens 1440x1050 (FRU 27L0714 and 27L0682)
2 german KBD (QWERTZ) (FRU 02K5972), one US-KBD (FRU 02K5959)
1 Empty Bay
1 PATA-Bay
1 3.5''-Diskette Bay
1 DVD/RW Baz FRU 27L4359
1 Small Docking FRU 08N1536
1 512 MB PC133 (A30?)
2 512 MB DDR 333 (A31?)
2 Modem-Cards (FRU 26P8256)
2 Network-Cards (FRU 26P8181)

May be helpfull for some more hardware orientated guys than me.
Shipping in Germay for free.
Olaf Schultz