Topic: heirloom for sale?

Anyone have or know of an available heirloom laptop for purchase or if there is any interest in a similar bespoke run? Disappointed I just discovered the project and couldn't be a part of the original crowdsupply initiative.

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Re: heirloom for sale?

Getting a "run" of them is probably out of the realm of possibility- they were each hand-crafted. Finding one for sale is also likely to be iffy, given that something like 15 were made, IIRC.

I'm working on a case design for the Novena. Different tactic from the heirloom models (trying to make it smaller and more "laptop-like", and working with Aluminum), but a working case nonetheless. I'll share the design files whenever it gets done, but the fact that it's designed to be CNC milled from a brick of aluminum probably limits the audience that would recreate it.

That said, if you're willing to pay the $xxxx premium for the heirloom model, I'm sure you could take the design to a machine shop and get it fabbed for less than the price of an heirloom. It would still be some [partially-non-trivial] assembly required (hinges, antenna, battery pack, screwing things together), though.

Finally, there's always the option of making your own case. If you're not super picky about size/bulk, putting enough material around the parts isn't rocket science. Making it small/lightweight/look pretty is another matter...

Hope that helps a little bit!

Re: heirloom for sale?

I also thought about creating my own case..or modifying an already designed one. What about this one presented in Ben Heck's Show: ? This would be enough for me, despite the bricking the USB-port thing for the keyboard as using the doughter-board should give enough ports.

Re: heirloom for sale?

It's built like a brick, but I guess it works. If you were going that route, I might start with something like a Pelican case. They make some in about the right size/shape: … ptop-case/

Other options I've thought about are baking pans, jerrycans, ammo cans, sheet metal + metal brake, and now I'm onto milling out of a solid brick of metal. I suspect you could make a decent case with some hardwood, glue, a handheld router, and some create guiding/clamping. The thermals might be a pain (would need a fan + vents), but it would probably look really pretty.

Oh, and making a foam model then covering it in carbon fiber. I decided that any rework on carbon fiber would be hazardous (dust) and rough on my tools, so I scrapped that idea. Well, that and the layup being more of an art form than I am an artist.

It's really whatever you can dream up and have the time/skills/resources to make, though. I like aluminum because it's a nice balance of cheap, easy to work with, light, and stiff. You can see my design so far here: … 2867#p2867

If you want to go the building-a-case route, I'd post in the thread linked above instead of hijacking this one further. Either way, I'd love to see the result!