Topic: Battery board undervoltage protection?

From my quick glance through the battery board BOM, it looks like there's no undervoltage protection, meaning any battery pack we make will have to include a separate board to make sure the Lithium Ion cells stay at or above 3.0 V.

Is that correct, or did I miss something?

Re: Battery board undervoltage protection?

There are several levels of protection.  The discharge FET is controlled directly by the gas gauge, which itself has multiple levels of UVLO.  Aside from that, there's an STM32 that is supposed to be programmed with the Senoko OS that monitors the voltage levels once per second and shuts down the mainboard if any of the cells goes below 3.0V.

You're correct, there's no hard cutoff.  Just multiple levels of firmware.  But the firmware is from multiple independent sources.

Re: Battery board undervoltage protection?

Just to reinforce, yes, it's highly recommended you have a secondary battery-side protection board. If you can also add a passive thermal cutoff fuse that's best practice too.