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I just saw this[1] on Slashdot, indicating that the open-source Vivante driver will be included in the mainline kernel starting in 4.5. So... what other parts need to be mainlined before we can have fully (or almost-fully) functional Novenas with a vanilla kernel? Are there any parts too Novena-specific to make it into mainline?

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Re: Novena kernel vs mainline

Well, the battery board has its own drivers to enable support for AC detection (otherwise it thinks it's always on battery), power button sensing (which acts as a keyboard).

There are some small patches, and some large patches.  Large patches, for example, include a rather invasive mod to i2c to get it to handle timeouts, and the it6251 eDP chip which should be mainlined.  Also, there are patches to how the packaging system is put together that allow me to ship just our dtb file.

Small patches handle a variety of things, such as getting the PWM to the right speed to allow for backlight dimming.  There's also a minor patch for the ldb system to allow using the it6251 as a bridge device.

Re: Novena kernel vs mainline

I see that Etnaviv DRM driver is mainlined in kernel 4.5... I assume that's one step closer to the Novena being vanilla-friendly?

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It's one step closer to Novena being vanilla-friendly, assuming you want an accelerated desktop.