Topic: Ubuntu precise or newer on novena board

Not sure if this be here or in the firmware section. I've recently gotten ubuntu precise to boot up on the novena board. Most of the heavy work already done from the bootloader/kernel side by xobs.

I've got a copy of precise running on the SSD on the board I have here. I reckon it won't be hard to generate firmwares for the sdcard or upgrading to trusty.

The magic uboot line to make it work was...

    setenv bootargs init=/sbin/init --no-log root=/dev/sda3 rootwait rw consoleblank=0 splash

Users will also need a valid fstab as well so upstart/mountall can mount the root filesystem.  I'll be uploading a repo with a small shell script and notes of what I did to get ubuntu running sometime next week when I get time.

Re: Ubuntu precise or newer on novena board

Just wondering how far you got with the scripts and notes? Would like to try out Ubuntu myself and it would be great if I could get a head start smile