Topic: Kernel source package?

apt-get source linux-image-novena


E: Unable to find a source package for linux-upstream

I know the kernel tree is on xobs' github, but what about the packaging?  I'd really like the source package, or the tree with the debian packaging at least, so that I can easily try changes.  Am I missing something?  I don't see a kernel source package on the repo

Re: Kernel source package?

Hmm, it seems the packages are built using a script from the wiki here: … nux-kernel

A real source package would be nice, but this should do smile

Re: Kernel source package?

I think there used to be a Debian-issued script that packaged up the kernel.  Something like dpkg-buildkernel.  This was deprecated in Wheezy in favor of the in-kernel "make deb-pkg" command.  I'm not sure of the recommended way to build a source package.

Unfortunately it doesn't build a source package, so there's nothing to add.  In lieu, I try not to rebase, so you can check out the git rev mentioned in the 'uname -r', and use the config.gz file from /proc/config.gz.